Arab Archers with Solenarion

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Arab Archers with Solenarion, pack contains 4 figures.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Weapons and bases supplied.

The Solenarion was a guide tube or rod that enabled small darts to be fired rather than normal arrows. These were a lot harder to see in flight and could strike without warning.

This range is designed to cover the armies of the various Arab Caliphates from the 7th till roughly the 13th Century, although many figures are quite usable beyond this point. Starting with the era of the Prophet in the 7th Century, the armies of Islam swept the whole of the Middle East, North Africa and even into Spain over this period, conquering many lands and people as they did so. Dynasties, or Caliphates were set up across these lands and in turn, eventually swept aside and replaced by rival factions. Arab armies were made up of a huge variety of troop types and no range can hope to possibly cover everything, so if in any doubt as to whether you should use a certain figure for a troop type, your guess is often as good as anyone else. Use what feels right for you.

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