Dark Ages Irish

This range covers a large period of time, luckily for most gamer's. From what little we know, the Irish changed little in appearance from the late 4th Century through to the Viking Age and beyond. The Fianna armed with axes are the only real troops peculiar to the later period, due to the influence from Danish incursions into Ireland. Ireland was a very poor land during this period and as such armor and quality weapons were often the preserve of the noble warrior class. The vast majority of men fought with no more than javelins and a knife or short sword if they were lucky. As well as fighting on to defend their lands against the Vikings in the later period, they had been infamous as seaborne raiders for centuries before that and often plundered settlements on the western shores of England and Wales.
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Christian Warrior Priest
Irish Handler and Warhounds
Irish Warhounds
Irish Slinger Unit
Dark Age Celtic Crosses Banner sheet
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Irish Shield transfers IRISH(FM)1
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Irish Shield transfers IRISH(FM)2
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Dark Age Celt banner and shields
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Shield Fatigue or Wound markers
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