The Barons' War Rulebook & Death & Taxes PDF bundle

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A bundle deal containing PDF downloads of the rulebook and the first supplement at a discounted price.

The Barons' War Rulebook

In the Kingdom of England by 1215, a group of powerful barons had reached breaking point due to King John's despotic rule, high taxes and failed leadership. It was time to rebel!

Written by Andy Hobday, these rules enable narrative-driven tabletop games set in an England gripped by civil war played out against the backdrop of the Magna Carter and the invasion by the Crown Prince of France.

The historically themed gameplay is fast-paced and tactical. With warriors of this period being pretty similar, it is easy to base your medieval skirmish games using these rules in any setting.

This comprehensive flick-through video by Wargames Illustrated takes you through the rulebook section by section presenting a clear overview.

[NB: This is the revised rulebook v2.1]

This digital rulebook contains 138 pages (plus original cover art by Peter Dennis) which include the rules (of course), retinue lists, a quick reference sheet (with page numbers), a glossary and an index! 

Death & Taxes Supplement Book

The rebellious French forces controlling England are demanding additional funds to support their war effort. As supporters of King John, Wimentun village, having already paid taxes to the English crown, are resisting paying for a second time.  As villages scatter, rushing to squirrel away their last pennies, mail-clad soldiers have already arrived to collect.

Death & Taxes is the first supplement designed for The Barons' War skirmish game. Play your way through the linked scenario-driven campaign, choosing either the forces of the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire or local outlaws sworn to protect the villages.

Further rules are included for developing and running exciting stand-alone seasonal campaigns where individual Commanders strive to be the most chivalrous while battling it out over a campaign map to conquer territory.

This digital supplement contains 112 pages (plus original cover art by Peter Dennis), including the Death & Taxes linked campaign, the Outlaw retinue list and rules for running a map-based campaign.

Why not join The Barons' War Facebook Group and check out the WARHOST website the new home for The Barons' War game.

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