The Barons' War

These 28mm miniatures can be used for games set during The Barons’ Wars, and not only that, they’ll work for both sides of the conflict! Additionally, they’ll work well for games that take you Crusading in the Middle East, particularly the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Crusades (and a few years/decades either side).

Winner of The Best New Rules 2021 at the Wargames Illustrated Awards. 

224 results
Mounted Knights 3
Foot Knight Command 2
William Marshal & Bannerman
Spearmen 3
Spearmen 3
Norman & Medieval Weapon pack (12)
Foot Sergeants with Hand Weapons 1
Mounted Knights 2
Peter des Roches - Bishop of Winchester
Little John & Will Scarlet
Foot Sergeants with Spears 1
Mounted Knights 1
William Marshal on horse

224 results

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