The Barons' War - Outlaws 500pt Retinue

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A complete Outlaw 500pt retinue for The Barons War. This retinue is a very 'shooty' force that works well to get you started and as a great foundation for a larger force.

The force includes exactly the amount of figures required to make up the listed groups. There may be some variation in the models from those illustrated.

The retinue comprises:
• An Outlaw Commander and a Signaller plus 3 Outlaws to make up the main 'command group'
• An Outlaw Noble, a Signaller, an Outlaw and the Poacher as a second command group
• Four Outlaw Slingers plus a wise one-eyed outlaw to lead them
• Eight Bowmen
• Eight Outlaws
A total of 30 figures.

You receive the Death & Taxes book and The Barons' War PDF rulebook for FREE when you buy this retinue.

Weapons and bases supplied. Banners not included. A PDF download of the retinue list is also supplied.

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