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Tisiphone is relentless. Once crossed, she will stop at nothing to exact her revenge. Her name is whispered as a warning to the foolhardy, for no one has ever escaped her judgment.

Sometimes likened to the Erinyes, the three Furies of Greek mythology, she is considered a goddess of vengeance, meeting swift and merciless punishment of those who cross her.

Tisiphone is a fearsome figure, but she is also a just one. She only punishes those who have genuinely deserved it. She embodies the natural order of things and ensures that those who break the law are brought to justice on the streets.

Your gang can include a single Tisiphone as she is a named character, and one of Romes Most Wanted

All miniatures are white metal and supplied with a 25mm round base. Supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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