Morvan Lez-Breizh

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Morvan was a Breton chieftain who was declared King after the death of the Bretons' Frankish overlord Charlemagne in 814. He is the first to be known by name to be described as a Breton "king" and it is likely he ruled a warband with members drawn from throughout Brittany.

During his lifetime he was a faithful follower of Charlemagne, having sworn oaths to him although the Bretons rose up in rebellion in 811. His own rebellion against Frankish lordship in 814 threatened the integrity of the empire recently inherited by Louis the Pious. While the Bretons may have contended that the elevation of Morvan on the death of the incumbent Charlemagne was legitimate, the Franks viewed it as a usurpation. Louis sent a negotiator asking him to remember his to Charlemagne. But after this failed to bring the new Breton King around to accepting Frankish rule, Louis prepared an army to invade Brittany.

In the spring of 818, the army, composed of forces from all the Carolingian regna, assembling at the westernmost point of Frankish control. The Franks launched a series of attacks on various Breton fortresses and, after Morvan was killed in battle, resistance collapsed.

The pack contains one figure supplied unpainted, is white metal and is supplied with a base. May require assembly.

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