King William of the Scots

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Born circa 1142, William the Rough, also known as the Lion in later medieval chronicles, has the distinction of being Scotland’s second longest-reigning monarch prior to the Act of Union in 1707. His reign is characterised by a near-constant state of war with his Plantagenet neighbours and several risings against his rule. William’s reputation as a fearsome warrior was cemented at the battle of Alnwick in 1174, where he single-handedly charged the English army, bellowing "Now we shall see which of us are good knights!"

By 1209, William was approaching the age of 67, a remarkable age for someone of the period. His grip on Scotland seems to have slipped, evidenced by his willingness to negotiate with John at Norham, and the exorbitant costs he agreed to pay. However, even at his advanced age, he would have remained a formidable opponent.

Pack contains one mounted figure, one foot figure and two heater shields. Pill-shaped base and 25mm round base included.

Miniature supplied unpainted and may need some assembly.

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