Gangs of Rome Scatter Set

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Unleash Urban Fury: Interactive Throwing Objects in Gangs of Rome!

Elevate your Gangs of Rome encounters with the thrill of improvised weaponry! Alongside the usual stones, your gangers can hurl various deadly debris found littering the everyday streets of Rome.

Here's what you get:

A selection of throwable objects: From ceramic amphoras to heavy tiles, mount these scatter terrain pieces on individual bases for easy identification and use.

Expanded tactical options: Gangers in base contact with these objects can throw them as improvised weapons during a ranged attack action.

Clear rules for throwing: Follow the standard ranged attack rules from the Gangs of Rome rulebook, using a profile specific to the thrown object.

Lure your enemies: Gangers can also throw objects at an empty space to strategically draw attention, such as pesky Vigils or Mobs.

Turn the streets itself into your arsenal! These throwing objects add depth and deadliness to your Gangs of Rome games, allowing you to react to the environment and unleash tactical mayhem.

NB: Like all Resin, it is key to make sure you work safely, make sure to keep out of reach of children, use the correct equipment such as a mask when sanding, filing or any other activity that can create dust.

There may be some support material left over from the manufacturing process, this can be easily removed with a hobby knife just like you would remove excess metal or resin from a traditionally cast miniature.

Unlike typical cast resins, the printed resin can be more brittle and may shatter if cut with side cutters. We recommend using a razor saw if you wish to cut the material for any conversions. To assemble the kit as pictured you will not need to cut or sand the parts.

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