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This mega-deal contains everything you could possibly need to play Gangs of Rome including Rome herself.  With the mega-deal not only do you receive the special character Barca, but you also receive our second special character, Tisiphone.

This mega-deal contains the following:

  • Black activation pebbles (10)
  • White activation pebbles (10)
  • Two Gangs of Rome rulebooks
  • Gang fighter ID markers (40)
  • A Gangs of Rome gaming mat
  • A Fierce Mastiff miniature
  • An Agente miniature
  • A Gladiator Ally miniature

Plus ten gang fighters:

  • Ten gang fighter body
  • A thirty gang fighter heads
  • Ten weapon frame containing a mixture of weapons
  • Ten random gang fighter cards
  • Ten jigsaw bases
  • Ten sets of wound tokens
  • Ten random coin plate each containing four denarii
  • Forty corresponding coin cards
  • Ten Gangs of Rome D6 roman numeral dice

Mega Mob Deal

All the mob you will ever need for your games! Six complete mob stands; not only enough plebians to cause serious discomfort on the streets, but to also offer plenty of places to hide. The Mega Mob deal contains 2 x Mob Primus, 2 x Mob Secundus and 2 x Mob Tertius.

This deal contains six packs each containing five mob figures, five 25mm round base and one 80mm mob movement base.

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied unpainted. Some miniatures will require assembly.

This offer also includes the Complete Rome bundle comprising of ALL five pre-order deals in one!

Rome Under Construction Bundle

Rome, especially under the time of the Emperors, was forever having a facelift. With this pack, you can recreate and renovate your cityscape. The under-construction buildings are characterful and great for adding 3D gaming to your Gangs of Rome gaming table.

This deal comprises of the following:

  • 2 x T016 Rome Under Construction Set
  • 2 x T015 Scaffolding Set
  • 1 x T024 Cart Set (3)

 Temple Market Bundle

A great set to really convey the heart of Rome; Gods, trading and slaves! The Temple Market bundle gives us three very common sites in the great city.

This deal comprises of the following:

  • 1x T019 Temple
  • 1 x T018 Slave Market Set (Stage & Cage)
  • 1 x T017 Market Set (8 Canopies & 16 Tables)

Middle-Rank Bundle

The ideal set to convey the hustle and bustle of a busy upper-end shopping environment. It also offers plenty of space to let the mob spend a Sestertius or three! This deal comprises of the following:

  • 2 x T005 Middle-Rank Traders
  • 2 x T006 Middle-Rank Shops
  • 1 x T024 Cart Set (3)
  • 1 x T017 Market Set (8 Canopies & 16 Tables)

Upper-Rank Bundle

Create your own little insula! This set is an ideal way to represent the islands the common citizen dwelt in. This deal comprises of the following:

  • 1 x T023 Fountain Set
  • 4 x T007 Upper-Rank Forum Corner
  • 4 x T009 Upper-Rank Shops

Town Wall Bundle

Keep your friends in and your enemies out! This set can be used to represent the defensive walls around Rome or to create your own smaller Roman town. It's ideal for those of you who like your fighting both inside and outside the city.

This deal comprises of the following:

  • 1 x T010 Town Wall Gate
  • 2 x T013 Town Wall (Long)
  • 1 x T017 Market Set (8 Canopies & 16 Tables)
  • 6 x T001 Workshops

The terrain is made from MDF and is part of the Streets of Rome range.

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