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After defeating an invading army the Saxons would have liked to have rested. The invasion by the Normans instead meant a forced match across almost the full length of the country. Forming their defensive position at the top of the hill they awaited the enemy... 

This deal is made up of the following 23 packs of miniatures.  Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears, banner pole, banner and bases not supplied.

This deal will be produced to order so in the current climate of Covid-19 there may be a little waiting time before they are shipped.

Late Saxon/Anglo Dane Warlord 03LSX001 Late Saxon/Anglo Danish Lord
Huscarls 24men LSX200 Late Saxon Huscarl Command
LSX202 Saxon Huscarls with hand weapons
Fyrd 36 men 03LSX108 Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 1
03LSX109 Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 2
03LSX110 Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 3
 03LSX111 Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 4
Thegns 12 men 03LSX106 Late Saxon Thegns 1
03LSX107 Late Saxon Thegns 2
03LSX004 Morcar and Edwin, Saxon Earls
03LSX107 Late Saxon Thegns 2 (2x random minis)
03LSX112 Late Saxon Archers 1
Archers 12 men 03LSX113 Late Saxon Archers 2
03LSX114 Late Saxon Archers 3

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