Campaign 7 - The Temple of Flora by Lex van Rooy

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When the girl comes down the stairs she gets a mantle handed from one of two persons waiting for her on the ground floor. She addresses the other; “I did as you instructed Master. He was highly susceptible and took to the bait as a lamprea.”
The cloaked person addressed as Master, nods, and points towards the lakeshore where a small boat awaits.

Left on her own as her companions walk towards their transportation her eyes wander towards the windows were she knows Lucas sleeps his drug-induced stupor. The suggestion planted in mind is a fitting punishment for his transgressions two years ago. This endeavour will not only keep him and his gang busy for the next months but with a little luck, and some prodding in the right direction, he will also end up the focus of several of their competitors, keeping all of them occupied enough to allow her to reclaim her late husband's smuggling operations on the banks of the river Tiber.

“Iacta alea est”, she murmurs under her breath, as she walks the moonlit path towards the lake.

This campaign has been designed to be played as a series of linked scenarios.

BURNING DESIRES  - making room for city improvements
Can you get away with burning down some slums to create room for your new development? You will be facing panicking mobs, enemy gangs and the most deadly of enemies: Fire!

SETTING THE FOUNDATIONS - blood should be spilled
No proper temple will sit content without a proper fundament: be it (worthy) sacrifices standing under its cornerstones, or a goodly amount of blood mixed in the mortar.
If you took down opposing gangsters in the previous scenario, you are all set, otherwise, this will become a snatch and grab and a race to get your sacrifices done before their friends decide a rescue.

BUILD PROTECTION - find and expose the infiltrator
With many workers on your building site, there is always a chance someone slipped in to sabotage the project. Can you find and expose them before they cause critical damage?

SACRIFICIAL GOAT - what should be a simple escort job
The auguries in preparation of the finalization of the temple and the start of the festival require some livestock, preferably goats and or hares... Teams have been sent out to collect these, but can they manage to deliver?

 - a simple case of mob control
With the delays (or not) caused in the previous two scenarios, there may be problems with the worshippers come to the festival. Can your crew maintain the order until the hunting of the Hares?.

This is a FREE campaign, consisting of five scenarios, for you to download and play - please let us know how you found it in the Gangs of Rome Facebook Group.

•Notes for playing the campaign•

This is the first campaign released for GoR, it is a little bit more involved than single scenarios, therefore, you will need to carry out a little prep work.

You will need miniatures for the following:

ILUDICIS DIRI - An Incola needed for the second scenario, a big chap with a huge beard and hammer.
HIRCANUS - The prize goat for the fourth scenario could be represented as a model or a token.

You will need to make the following tokens:

Blazing  Torch Denarii
These Denarii allow a Fighter to create a Fire when in contact with a structure or, when faced with an opponent, to make a Brawl attack (essentially waving the flamy bits in the opponent's face, making him move away).
A Fighter carrying a  torch may not blend with a Mob.  
At the start of the game, any attacking player can be equipped with a Blazing Torch instead of a Denarius from his coin bank any token will work to represent this.

Fire Markers
Any appropriate token will work for this, we would vote for balls of cotton wool.

For the scenario Build Protection there can be up to 20 fighter-figures on the board, with both the Attacker and Defender opting for plenty of decoys (see the note in Examples). To create a level playing field I introduced the two Denarii below. This can be worked around using basic local coinage to represent this (and a Permanent Marker indicator on the “blind” side.

Tools of the trade
The  Domari’s men start with Denarii or with ‘Tools of the trade’. ‘Tools’ allow them to pose as regular construction workers and are discarded from play when the Fighter is re-equipped from the coin-bank.

Sabotage Equipment
The defending player can opt to equip ‘sabotage equipment’. This coin allows a Fighter to perform an act of sabotage and can be retained after the act, or recycled into the coin-bank.

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