Gangs of Rome Update: 6th November 2021

‘’Ave’ my friends, well met’’

‘’What’s happened to Gangs of Rome’’ is a question we get asked frequently and to be honest we haven’t had a good answer for you for quite a while. Have a sit down and let us tell you a tale.


As any GoR fans will know ‘Gangs of Rome – Blood on the Aventine’ was our first boxed product. It was the inspiration of Darren Evans, a man obsessed with anything and everything Roman. He brought the concept to the management team at Footsore and we, with his help, turned it into our first game.

As our first game it was play tested a lot, and went through a lot of changes, before we released it on an unsuspecting gaming community. However, like your first child we were happy to overlook any challenges.

We then released ‘Bread and Circuses’ as the second set and, again, lots of work was done on it before it was released into the World. It was well received and we love it. It isn’t perfect and our increasing experience showed us things we want to improve on.


We have been working on those quietly in the background but haven’t progressed as much as we would have liked. Twice we have almost released an update and then found parts we still weren’t happy with so we parked them. As a small production team, other products were coming along to take the focus like ‘Mortal God’s’ and ‘Mythic Gods’ and now ‘Barons’ War’ and we don’t have the manpower to do everything we wanted.


BUT we are determined to revisit Gangs of Rome and make the improvements we want to make it the best game it can be.


We feel we need to give Gangs of Rome the love it deserves. We need to devote the time and energy into giving it the refresh it needs. And to do that some things will need to change but the game as a whole will remain the same.

Two major challenges we want to overcome are over complication and cost of entry. These two things have cropped up in your discussions with us and we have taken note. We got a bit carried away when we first wrote GoR and made it over complicated with ‘bits’: special bases, blood counters, unique cards for every fighter to name but a few. On top of that; re-reading the rules highlighted the need for clearer explanations and some rules updated.

The ‘cost of entry’ to the system was never designed to be expensive but buying a new fighter with all the paraphernalia meant growing your gang could be costly. Having set the game firmly on the streets of Rome and a lot of it was needed which meant people naturally wanted the best-looking scenery possible. Some players spent hundreds of pounds on making beautiful tables which are wonderful things but not viable for everyone.


Anything already purchased can of course still be used but we want to make it easier for newcomers (some hopefully inspired by existing GoR players) to get involved while putting less of a dent in their wallet. For example; this months’ free figure ‘Roman Ostiarius’ is the start; he won’t come with a card but you will be able to download one for him.

In line with this we are going to begin releasing content that will bridge the gap from where we are to where we are heading. It will ease the changes in and allow us to share with the community who have supported us so long during the difficult times.

Fighters will be simplified so that they will be one piece and they will come with a 25mm round base (just use a ‘damage’ dice instead of ‘blood’). We plan to move away from exclusively the streets of Rome so more of your scenery collection will be usable and there will be more online support.

These improvements are the start of our revisit to Rome; existing players will find plenty new to reward their loyalty and new gamers will find getting involved much easier. The culmination is an updated game coming in 2022. There will be changes to the game but it will not be unfamiliar. It has been a long journey and we want you to continue on it with us. As they say ‘all roads eventually lead to Rome’.

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