What is Footsore Showcase

Welcome to Footsore Showcase. A collection of unique indie miniatures and some of Footsore’s more niche characters, the Showcase is dedicated to bringing you the best, the most unique and the most imaginative pieces the industry has to offer.


What is the Footsore Showcase?

We believe that many tabletop gamers and hobbyists don’t see some of the world’s bests miniatures. With the big hitters dominating a congested market, smaller creators can go unnoticed by even the hobby’s most enthusiastic collectors, gamers and painters. As fellow devotees of all things miniature, we at Footsore Miniatures and Games have created the Showcase to champion these smaller, unsung heroes of the tabletop gaming world.


What’s in it for the creators?

By placing your miniatures on the Footsore Showcase, we believe we can bring those miniatures to a wide and appreciative audience. Your miniatures will be available on the same website as high-profile lines such as Mortal Gods, Test of Honour, Gangs of Rome and Footsore’s award-winning range of historical miniatures, ensuring you enjoy heightened exposure and cross-promotion.

Not only that, but you can look forward to our actively promoting and highlighting your miniatures. Footsore Miniatures and Games prides itself on its proactive use of social media, and by placing our creations on all our social media platforms and on our popular blog, Sculpting, Painting and Gaming, we can help them reach a swathe of new and enthusiastic customers.

The Showcase also offers sculptors an avenue to sell their miniatures if they don’t have a desire to do it themselves. As well as raising the profile of your miniatures, we will also manufacture and distribute them. Whether your miniatures are in white metal or resin, our expert mould makers and casters can produce your miniatures before they are picked, packed and posted by our dedicated team. This means all you have to do is what you do best: sculpt. We’ll take care of everything else.


What’s in it for Footsore?

By creating the Showcase, Footsore will not only enjoy the thrill of finding entirely new and unique miniature masterpieces, but we also enjoy the opportunity to showcasing our own miniatures alongside an eclectic range of minis. This presents us with the opportunity of introducing our existing ranges to customers who may not normally visit our website.

Of course there will be a small fee for the service. We will be transparent and open about all costs involved; we want to offer the Showcase not as a service, but as a partnership.



If you’d like to know more about placing your miniatures on the Footsore Showcase, then please don’t hesitate to email us at paul@footsoreminiatures.co.uk. We can give you a more detailed insight into the services and benefits we can offer, but also the costs involved.

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