Stronghold Terrain

We are delighted to announce we are the UK stockist of the ‘Stronghold Terrain’ range of miniatures.
We have traditionally shipped Footsore Miniatures to Stronghold Terrain in Germany for them to distribute. As they are now facing ‘challenges’ getting their range to their customers in the UK, they have asked us to take on that role for them.
The Stronghold Terrain range compliments the Footsore range very well. We are excited to be carrying it alongside the Footsore range giving our customers even more choice of miniatures for their tabletop.

How will this work?

We have a Stronghold Terrain section alongside our Footsore range on the website to place an order for everything you want simultaneously, and we will process it as usual.
Initially, we will place orders with Stronghold Terrain as you place your orders with us, so there will be a delay in shipment.
This delay will be offset by your order being delivered from within the UK and not worrying about extra ‘duties’ etc.
As our understanding of their range builds, we envisage holding limited stock so that delivery times will improve to the usual Footsore standard.
We think the Footsore and Stronghold range really compliment each other and are looking forward to our UK customers having the choice of adding Stronghold Terrain miniatures to their collections.
120 results
Famous Apache Chieftain
Famous Archaeologist
Famous Archaeologist II
Famous Helmed Warlord
Famous Outlaws (7)
Famous Viking Warlord I
Famous Viking Warlord II
Father Beocca (SAGA Christian Priest)
Fatigue Marker Set (6)
Female Pictish Archer
Female Pictish Warrior
Female Warlord & Wolf

120 results

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