SAGA Aetius & Arthur (Supplement)

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The year is 410AD. Barbarians have crossed the Rhine and invaded the Western Roman Empire. The Visigoths have pillaged Rome while the Huns have arrived on the Roman Empire's borders after ravaging the east. To counter these threats, the Romans have abandoned Britain, leaving the Britons to face the Picts and Saxons alone.

In the century to come, empires will fail and kingdoms will rise. Prepare your Warband and join the battle to defend or destroy the Roman Empire!

In this supplement you will find:

6 new factions:

  • The Romans
  • Britons
  • Saxons
  • Goth
  • Picts
  • Huns

New Heroes and Legendary units for the new factions.

New units of Mercenaries to fight alongside your new factions.

Rules to adapt certain existing factions to take part in your battles in the Age of Invasions.

4 new scenarios.

A complete campaign system where a lone frontier post must hold out against waves of barbarian raiders.

This supplement can be used with SAGA V.2, comes with the six updated Battle Boards for Aetius & Arthur that cannot be sold separately.

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