Test of Honour Sengoku expanded rules

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Test of Honour Sengoku provides expanded rules for the Test of Honour game, focussing on the conflicts, alliances, betrayals and politics between the many clans of feudal Japan.

  • Individual rules and history for Hojo, Mori, Takeda, Uesugi, Saito, Yagyu, Oda, Honda, Toyotomi, Shimazu, Date and Tokugawa clans plus Ikko-ikki, Ronin, Bandits and Ninjas.
  • 20 new scenarios
  • New weapons and arrow types
  • Cannons and Burning Buildings

Read the Designer's Notes here.

Also grab the Test of Honour & Sengoku Token Set!

You’ll need a copy of the main rules, cards, tokens and dice for Test of Honour in order to use this book.


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