Omens, Gifts & Injury Card Set

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This set contains 63 Cards in total, including 30 Omens, 30 Gifts and 5 Injury Cards to be used for Mortal Gods. They can also be used by any faction in the game.

Omen (Cards)
Ancient Greek culture was steeped in tradition, belief and superstition, considered both bad or good with many of these varying from region to region. A vulture flying the wrong way across a battlefield has caused engagements to end abruptly with all participants packing up and returning to their cities. This element has been added to Mortal Gods with the inclusion of the Omens Deck, with the Omens being read as the game progresses.

During play whenever a red Omen marker is taken from the Draw, the player who drew it takes the topmost Omen card from the Omen deck. He then reads the card description aloud before following the rules on the Omen card immediately. 

Gifts (Cards)
In ancient times extraordinarily rare or lucky objects— or people with extraordinary strength or speed—were thought to be gifts from the Gods.
Gifts can be given to a warrior in one of two ways: they either have Gifts already included in their Roster card which is reflected in their initial points value, or you can purchase Gifts for the Warriors of your Lochos by spending roster points to obtain them.

Both Heroes and Companions can be given Gifts. To do this simply include the points value as indicated on the individual Gift cards while rostering your Lochos. You can give a warrior as many Gifts as they have actions and, unless stated on the card, you may only use one Gift per activation.

Injury Cards
Only Heroes gain Injury cards.

If a Warrior sustains more damage than their Resistance score they would usually be removed from the game. Instead Heroes take a Courage check. If it is successful he finds the courage to carry on and takes the top Injury card. The Injury card imposes a penalty for the rest of the game as detailed on the card. If the Hero fails this Courage roll, or already has an Injury card, he is removed as normal from the game. If the damage sustained by the Hero in this instance is caused via critical damage they are automatically dispatched.!

You also need the rules, dice, action markers, miniatures and terrain to play. 

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