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Gangs of Rome Mega Deal

£189.00 £155.00
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This mega-deal contains everything you could possibly need to play Gangs of Rome except Rome herself. With the mega-deal not only do you receive the special character Barca you also receive our second special character Tisiphone as well.

This mega-deal contains the following:

  • Black Activation Pebbles (10)
  • White Activation Pebbles (10)
  • Two Gangs of Rome Rulebooks
  • Gang Fighter ID Markers (40)
  • Two Mob Primus packs
  • Two Mob Secundus packs
  • Two Mob Tertius packs
  • A Gangs of Rome gaming mat

And ten gang fighters:

  • Ten gang fighter body
  • A choice of thirty gang fighter heads
  • Ten weapon frame containing a mixture of weapons
  • Ten random gang fighter card
  • Ten Jigsaw Base
  • Ten sets of wound tokens
  • Ten random coin plate each containing four denarii
  • Forty corresponding coin cards
  • Ten Gangs of Rome D6 roman numeral die

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome. May require assembly.

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