Feudal Japanese - Warring Clans

Warring Clans Feudal Japanese

The Warring Clans range of miniatures captures the cruel beauty and dynamism of the Sengoku Jidai period. Designed specifically for Test of Honour, they are perfect for other miniature games such as Daisho and Ronin.

Sculpted by rising star Stavros Zouliatis, these miniatures are available as single characters or packs of three Ashiguru. They are produced in white metal by our expert casters.

Each pack features an elegant backing card as designed by artist Lauren Westwood.

33 results
Samurai with Naginata (halberd) and Katana
Travelling Samurai
Samurai in full armour with Yari (spear)
Samurai drawing Katana
Samurai with Kanabō (large club)
Walking Samurai with Katana
Samurai with Naginata (halberd)
Seven Ronin (resin)
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33 results

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