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Warring Clans Feudal Japanese

New from War Banner, the Warring Clans range of miniatures captures the cruel beauty and dynamism of the Sengoku Jidai period. They are perfect for miniature wargames such as Test of Honour, Daisho and Ronin.

Sculpted by rising star Stavros Zouliatis, these miniatures are available as single characters or packs of three Ashiguru. They are produced in white metal by our expert casters.

Each blister features an elegant backing card as designed by artist Lauren Westwood, and a pink foam insert which can be shredded and used as cherry blossom on tree armatures of your choice.

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Akagi Kazuki, Ronin Swordmaster
Takamoto, Kyūjutsu sensei
Lord Eiichi Yamagata
Seven Ronin (resin)
Sold Out
Seven Ronin (metal)
Test of Honour 24pt Warband 1
Test of Honour 24pt Warband 2
Warring Clans deal
Warring Clans deal
£115.00 £132.00
All the Samurai - Initial deal
All the Ashigaru - Initial deal
Ashigaru-Kashira (sergeant)
Ashigaru casualties 1

33 results

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