Writers for the Footsore Miniatures Blog

Footsore Miniatures are looking for four Saga players (maybe more), who play regularly to get involved with us by agreeing to write articles on playing Saga, collecting warbands and especially on the tactics they like to use. We would also be keen to be involved with tournament players too.

We are planning on setting up a blog on our site all about gaming and painting for gamers and painters primarily around our miniatures. We would be looking for one article a month it doesn't have to be 1000s of words it can be lots of pictures and a few words or just a short sharp article that hits the spot. You will be fully credited for all your work.

At this stage all we ask is for you to write an example article of around 500 - 1000 words including images about your interest in Saga. The idea of this is so we can have an example of your work and for you to have a taste of your style.

Rewards for writing for us are a generous discount to consistent contributors plus we are looking for people to become friends of Footsore and you always look after your friends.

If you send an email to enquiries@footsoreminiatures.co.uk expressing an interest we can take it from there.

Our first article by an independent writer is live and its a cracking read by Monty Luhmann presenting his SAGA Do’s and Don'ts.

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