WIP: Saxon Thegns, The Irish King Brian Boru and Irish Slingers

We couldn't wait until next month so here we have a sneak peak of what we have been up to at Footsore Miniatures over the last few weeks. Our sculpting machine Mr Bill Thornhill's creative juices have been flowing and he is in the final stages of delivering the following...


Saxon Thegns & The Irish King Brian Boru

First up are these amazing Saxon Thegns and the Irish King Brian Boru, a great painting project in themselves however we feel they make imposing leaders for any SAGA warband or Hail Caesar army.

Irish Slingers

And what do all great leaders and nobles need but loyal men to command and these Irish Slingers will make great troops for any leader of renown!



Due for release May 2015 keep an eye on our webstore for their arrival, while you are waiting why not go and have a look at our current Dark Ages Irish and Late Saxon ranges!

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A sneak peak at the new Chosen of God!

Bill has been beavering away at yet another group of figures for his growing Saga collection, the Mutatawwi'a. These religious fanatics regarded themselves as the servants of God and would gladly sacrifice themselves in order to win victory on the battlefield. They were often members of various Berber tribes and were most prominent during the great Arab Conquest period in the 7th and 8th Centuries. There will be the 8 variants of the infantry and  8 variants for the archers.


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Coming soon...

From the deranged mind of Don Hauser and the talented hands of Mr Patrick Keith come these monstrosities. We're working on a name for them atm. There are 6 different figures, this being the first. More to follow :)








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New Later Saxon Archers on the way

Here's a sneaky pic of the new Saxon Archer sculpts sat on the sculpting desk. There will be 12 different figures when they're done giving lots of random variation for your Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish Army. They come with separate plug in bows which lets you create even more variety in your units. Expect these around mid January.


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