FREE Inter-War Banker with every order - June 2017

For the whole of June 2017, which is the 1st to the 30th, EVERY order placed with Footsore Miniatures will receive our brand new Inter-War Banker for FREE, that is right a FREE miniature for everyone.  You will find him perfect for games of A Very British Civil War as well as the new Bolt Action: Campaign Sea Lion.

All you have to do is place an order in either our US store ( or our UK store ( as both stores are participating in this giveaway.

Please note The Banker will be supplied without a base but more importantly, make sure you hide all your money when he arrives as he will try and persuade you with his shotgun that he should be protecting it…

We have plans to add to our Inter-War range over the coming months which is sculpted by the talent that is Paul Hicks. If you want to keep up with said plans please sign up for our newsletter in the footer below or like our Facebook page.

Any questions at all regarding this please contact us at

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Re-release: VBCW civilian Town folk & Rural types!

It's taken a few months to get the vast ranges of Footsore and Musketeer packs up and running. Amongst all that we realised we hadn't released the civilian packs!

So here we have for your viewing and purchasing pleasure some 1930's and 1940's Town Folk, representing the bankers, businessmen, spivs and white collar workers. The Rural Types are your farmers, labourers, bakers and delivery men.

Perfect as undercover spies in Pulp game, VBCW or Bolt Action partisans or just background characters in any diorama!

Town folk

Rural types

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