The first New Releases for 2016 available now!

We have been a little slow off the mark this year but what better way to kick it off then with the release of Alfred the Great and a couple of rock hard Irish Heroes with massive axes!

Alfred the Great

Alfred was born in 849AD, one of five sons to Aethelwulf of Wessex. When his brother, Ethelred died in 871, Alfred was crown King of Wessex. Alfred wasted no time in reorganising the Fyrd and rebuilding a number of old forts to aid in the defence against the constant incursions by the Danes. Rather than sit and wait for the Norsemen to attack, he built a navy and raided them. The resilience of the defenders of Wessex had the desired effects and eventually the Danes ceased their attempts to conquer the Southern English kingdoms.

While he is best remembered for his solid defence of Wessex and southern England from the Danes, but he was also an accomplished scholar, diplomat and administrator.

Alfred the Great and his bannerman miniatures shown here are painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Bases not supplied.

Irish Heroes

These two fine strapping hunks of Celtic manhood represent Irish Heroes or "Curadh". They are dressed in the finest armour and carry fearsome Dane Axes. They are suitable for use with later Irish armies around the time of the Viking invasions.

Irish Heroes with Dane Axes miniatures shown here are painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Bases not supplied.

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New Anglo-Saxon releases now available in store

New Anglo-Saxon releases now available in our New Releases section you lucky lot. Athelstan and Banner man, Saxon Thegns and a Christian Warrior Priest to help get rid of those pesky heretics.


Æthelstan or Athelstan is widely regarded as the first king of England. When his father Edward the Elder died in July 924, Æthelstan was accepted by the Mercians as king. His half-brother Ælfweard may have been recognised as king in Wessex, but died within weeks of their father's death. Æthelstan still encountered resistance in Wessex for several months, and was not crowned until September 925.

In 927 he conquered the last remaining Viking kingdom, York, making him the first Anglo-Saxon ruler of the whole of England. In 934 he invaded Scotland and forced Constantine II to submit to him, but Æthelstan's rule was resented by the Scots and Vikings, and in 937 they invaded England. Æthelstan defeated them at the Battle of Brunanburh, a victory which gave him great prestige both in the British Isles and on the Continent. After his death in 939 the Vikings seized back control of York, and it was not finally re-conquered until 954.

Aethelstan and Banner man miniatures shown here are painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Banner supplied by LBM. Spears and bases not supplied.

Saxon Thegns

Thegns were the retainers of powerful nobles in Anglo-Saxon England. Professional soldiers of the day, they would be well equipped for battle and were usually to be found in the front rank of the shield wall brandishing their long spears and bolstering the courage of the less professional Saxon Fyrd.

Saxon Armored Thegns are supplied as 4 random figures (8 variants). Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears and bases not supplied.

Christian Warrior Priest

With stirring quotes from the holy texts, priests would often be found in the ranks encouraging the faithful to battle. Often they would only carry a staff of club so they would not spill the blood of others (beating them to death was seen as perfectly ok). Our warrior Priest has no such inhibitions when it comes to clashing with the enemies of God.

Christian Warrior Priest (single figure) miniature shown here is painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Base not supplied.

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WIP: Saxon Thegns, The Irish King Brian Boru and Irish Slingers

We couldn't wait until next month so here we have a sneak peak of what we have been up to at Footsore Miniatures over the last few weeks. Our sculpting machine Mr Bill Thornhill's creative juices have been flowing and he is in the final stages of delivering the following...


Saxon Thegns & The Irish King Brian Boru

First up are these amazing Saxon Thegns and the Irish King Brian Boru, a great painting project in themselves however we feel they make imposing leaders for any SAGA warband or Hail Caesar army.

Irish Slingers

And what do all great leaders and nobles need but loyal men to command and these Irish Slingers will make great troops for any leader of renown!



Due for release May 2015 keep an eye on our webstore for their arrival, while you are waiting why not go and have a look at our current Dark Ages Irish and Late Saxon ranges!

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New Saxon Archers Released

Get ready to add some firepower to your Saxon battle line! The new Late Saxon archers are now available in the store and consist of 12 different variants to make your unit come to life. Next up are the armored elites. 
Painted by Charles Baynon
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New Later Saxon Archers on the way

Here's a sneaky pic of the new Saxon Archer sculpts sat on the sculpting desk. There will be 12 different figures when they're done giving lots of random variation for your Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish Army. They come with separate plug in bows which lets you create even more variety in your units. Expect these around mid January.


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