New Irish Skirmish Warband ideal for SAGA and Brodir

Today we are releasing the first in a series of Skirmish Warband deals which is the Dark Age Irish and as we are a nice lot at Footsore we are giving you your warlord for free. We also have Brodir a key leader who fought on the opposite side to Brian Boru in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014, a lovely sculpt by Bill!

Irish Skirmish Warband

This Dark Age Irish warband is designed to be suitable for a 4 point SAGA force. It provides you with a solid core of troops that can be then further customised and built upon for bigger games, and just like in the SAGA rules we give you your Warlord for free.The warband consists of the following;

Warlord and bannerman

2x units of 4 Fianna (Hearthguards) 

2x units of Warriors

Every model is different! Banners, spears and bases not included.


According to his description in Njal's saga, Brodir was tall and strong, with long black hair that he wore tucked in under his belt, and he was clad in a coat of mail "which no steel could bite.”

Brodir was a key leader who fought on the opposite side to Brian Boru in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Njal's Saga names Brodir as the killer of Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland. Both Boru and Brodir died in the battle, although accounts differ as to who killed whom.

Njal's saga explains during the battle Brodir killed Brian and cried out: "Now let man tell man that Brodir felled Brian." at which two of Brian's followers, Ulf and Kerthialfad, returned to the king, and captured Brodir and the remainder of his men. According to the saga, “Ulf the Quarrelsome cut open his belly, and led him round and round the trunk of a tree, and so wound all his entrails out of him," while Brodir's men were "slain to a man”.

Brodir is supplied unpainted and may need some assembly a base is not supplied.

Modeling Accessories Section

We have added a new section to our webstore which we plan to populate with useful items for modeling, the first being steel javelins, spears and pikes. Now you are able to arm your reinforcements at the same time when you order from us.

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The first New Releases for 2016 available now!

We have been a little slow off the mark this year but what better way to kick it off then with the release of Alfred the Great and a couple of rock hard Irish Heroes with massive axes!

Alfred the Great

Alfred was born in 849AD, one of five sons to Aethelwulf of Wessex. When his brother, Ethelred died in 871, Alfred was crown King of Wessex. Alfred wasted no time in reorganising the Fyrd and rebuilding a number of old forts to aid in the defence against the constant incursions by the Danes. Rather than sit and wait for the Norsemen to attack, he built a navy and raided them. The resilience of the defenders of Wessex had the desired effects and eventually the Danes ceased their attempts to conquer the Southern English kingdoms.

While he is best remembered for his solid defence of Wessex and southern England from the Danes, but he was also an accomplished scholar, diplomat and administrator.

Alfred the Great and his bannerman miniatures shown here are painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Bases not supplied.

Irish Heroes

These two fine strapping hunks of Celtic manhood represent Irish Heroes or "Curadh". They are dressed in the finest armour and carry fearsome Dane Axes. They are suitable for use with later Irish armies around the time of the Viking invasions.

Irish Heroes with Dane Axes miniatures shown here are painted by Charles Baynon. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Bases not supplied.

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New Releases for July 2015


The line between Irish Legend and Irish Myth has often been blurred, especially as is the rebelling of heroic men and their deeds.

Brian Boru (born Brian Mac Cennétig), was no legend although his life deeds were legendary. He is recognized as the last great High King of Ireland and perhaps the greatest military leader the country has ever known.

His brother, Mahon, had become King of Munster in 951, upon the death of their father, Cennétig. Together they fought against the invading Norsemen, who had imposed taxes in Munster. This struggle eventually led to the murder of Mahon in 975 by the Ostermen (Norse). Brian avenged his brother's death by killing the King of the Ostermen of Limerick, King Ímar.

From this point onwards Brian held Munster as his own, including the pivotal trade-centre of Limerick. He marched into Connaught and Leinster and joined forces with Mael Sechnaill II in 997. Together they divided Ireland between them.

The Norse settlers in Dublin especially ranged against Brian but were defeated at Glen Máma where the King of Leinster was captured. The King of Dublin, Sitric Silkenbeard, was soon defeated too.

In 1002 Brian demanded of his comrade Mael Sechnaill that he recognize him as King of Ireland. Mael agreed, partially because many of his own people viewed Brian as a hero who had restored Ireland to greatness after the Viking invasions. The rule of the UíNéill's was thus at an end as a non-O'Neill was proclaimed as King. The O'Neill's had been rulers for over 600 years.

The Norsemen were not done yet however, and once more waged war on Brian Boru and his followers at Clontarf in Dublin in 1014. The King of Connaught, Tadhg O'Conor refused to ally with Brian against the Ostermen although Uí Fiachrach Aidne and Uí Maine did join with him.

The battle was a bloody struggle with the men from both sides fighting themselves to near exhaustion. The tide of fortune ebbed and flowed for hours until it finally swung in favor of Irishmen. It was during the chaos of Norsemens retreat that Brodir, one of the Manx Danes, came across Brian’s encampment. The kings lax bodyguard were slain by Brodirs men and it’s said that Brodir himself killed the aging Brian as he knelt praying.

This battle was a major turning point as it finally subjugated the Norse presence in Ireland who were henceforth considered subordinate to the Kingships of Ireland. Their military threat had been ended and they retreated to the urban centres of Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Wexford, and Cork.

Purchase Brian Boru in the web store.

Ulf the Quarrelsome

Ulf (Wolf) Hreda was brother (or possibly stepson), to Brian Boru. Details are scarce on this character from Irish history but a few clues are left for us. It’s said that Ulf’s mother was murdered during a Viking raid ensuring his everlasting hatred for the Norsemen. During the Battle of Clontarf in 1014AD Ulf fought with the Viking leader Brodir, knocking him down a number of times but unable to pierce the Danes “magical armor”. Brodir fled the battle with his men, but later returned to find King Brian’s camp relatively unguarded and slew him and his attendants. Upon finding this Ulf and his men pursued Brodir and captured him. The Viking was tied to a tree and slowly disemboweled, his entrails being wrapped around him as he died an agonizing death. His followers were also killed to a man. It’s probably a good idea to never upset anyone called Quarrelsome!

Purchase Ulf the Quarrelsome in the web store.

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WIP: Saxon Thegns, The Irish King Brian Boru and Irish Slingers

We couldn't wait until next month so here we have a sneak peak of what we have been up to at Footsore Miniatures over the last few weeks. Our sculpting machine Mr Bill Thornhill's creative juices have been flowing and he is in the final stages of delivering the following...


Saxon Thegns & The Irish King Brian Boru

First up are these amazing Saxon Thegns and the Irish King Brian Boru, a great painting project in themselves however we feel they make imposing leaders for any SAGA warband or Hail Caesar army.

Irish Slingers

And what do all great leaders and nobles need but loyal men to command and these Irish Slingers will make great troops for any leader of renown!



Due for release May 2015 keep an eye on our webstore for their arrival, while you are waiting why not go and have a look at our current Dark Ages Irish and Late Saxon ranges!

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