FREE Reinforcements - July 2017

For the entire month of July 2017 we are giving away a pack of miniatures with all orders over £30/$35. How does this work, I hear you cry?

Choose what you want on either the US or UK web store and when it is time for you to check out, enter the code FREEPACK17 and your cart will have the price of the pack of infantry deducted - £6 in the UK or $10 in the US.

So what is the catch? There isn’t one! The limited time deal is to add extra troops to your collection. The discount code will only work when one or more PACKS of miniatures is in your cart. It's easy: 1 PACK of miniatures in your cart = 1 FREE PACK of miniatures.

Exclusions: Warbands, buildings, terrain, accessories, etc.

The code can be used on any order in the month of July and can be used as many times as you like. Limit of 1 FREE pack per order.

Please send Questions to:

The Footsore Team

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FREE Inter-War Banker with every order - June 2017

For the whole of June 2017, which is the 1st to the 30th, EVERY order placed with Footsore Miniatures will receive our brand new Inter-War Banker for FREE, that is right a FREE miniature for everyone.  You will find him perfect for games of A Very British Civil War as well as the new Bolt Action: Campaign Sea Lion.

All you have to do is place an order in either our US store ( or our UK store ( as both stores are participating in this giveaway.

Please note The Banker will be supplied without a base but more importantly, make sure you hide all your money when he arrives as he will try and persuade you with his shotgun that he should be protecting it…

We have plans to add to our Inter-War range over the coming months which is sculpted by the talent that is Paul Hicks. If you want to keep up with said plans please sign up for our newsletter in the footer below or like our Facebook page.

Any questions at all regarding this please contact us at

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FREE Viking Warrior with every order - February 2017

For the whole of February 2017, which is the 1st to the 28th, EVERY order placed with Footsore Miniatures will receive The Old Warrior for FREE, that is right a FREE Viking for everyone.

All you have to do get your hands on him is place an order in either our US store ( or our UK store ( as both stores are participating in this giveaway.

Please note The Old Warrior will be supplied without a base but more importantly, be aware you will have to buy your own beer when you reach Valhalla.

Any questions at all regarding this please contact us at

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The Footsore Wishlist

If you are anything like us and like to spend your time browsing miniature websites dreaming up new armies and then forgotten where you saw the perfect miniatures to buy on pay day a few days later help is at hand.

We have included a wishlist function for both our US and UK websites where when you are logged in to your account you can save the miniatures to your wishlist, save this selection for later and then come back to it at a later date.

So what does it look like and where can I find this amazing piece of techno-magic?

Well on the desktop version of our website it looks like this..

The red circle and attractive arrows I have created with my professional Photoshop skills are pointing out where the wishlist is located - it is the number with the heart icon after it. By clicking on this icon you will be taken to your wishlist page which looks like this.

On the mobile version of our website you do not get the heart icon next to the cart instead the wishlist is added to the bottom of the menu, which looks like this…

To add a product to your wishlist browse the product as if you are going to buy it and below the buy now button is the option to add the product to your wishlist instead…

There is lots of other functionality available you can delete the products from your wishlist, add them to your cart and best of all you can share your wishlist with friends and family - great for birthdays and Christmas.

If you have any questions at all about using the wishlist please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember though you must be signed into an account on the store for the wishlist to be saved.

Go and try it out now at either the US website or the UK website.

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US & UK websites

We have updated our UK website with a new design to match our newly launched US website for our new US business - made and shipped in the USA. As part of this new design we have included two flags in the top right corner next to the cart to indicate which store you are currently in. The larger flag denotes which store - in the case shown below we would be in the UK site and shopping in GBP. To swap stores all you have to do is click on the smaller flag.

The new US Website can be found at and the UK Website remains at

We have also enabled onsite payment via credit & debit cards during checkout for our UK web store. You can still pay via PayPal too however this change should make checking out a lot easier for card payments. We just wanted to make you aware of this improvement and that we have a lot more planned for both websites.

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Footsore Miniatures YouTube Channel

We now have a YouTube channel, with our first three videos launched with lots more videos planned so come and subscribe so you don't miss any of them. More importantly please share the videos with your gaming chums.

An example video from the first series focusing on the work bench and getting your Footsore Miniatures ready for painting and eventually for battle. In it Bill Thornhill takes us through how to make a spear from florist wire in readiness to arm one of his Dark Age Footsore Miniatures.

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Writers for the Footsore Miniatures Blog

Footsore Miniatures are looking for four Saga players (maybe more), who play regularly to get involved with us by agreeing to write articles on playing Saga, collecting warbands and especially on the tactics they like to use. We would also be keen to be involved with tournament players too.

We are planning on setting up a blog on our site all about gaming and painting for gamers and painters primarily around our miniatures. We would be looking for one article a month it doesn't have to be 1000s of words it can be lots of pictures and a few words or just a short sharp article that hits the spot. You will be fully credited for all your work.

At this stage all we ask is for you to write an example article of around 500 - 1000 words including images about your interest in Saga. The idea of this is so we can have an example of your work and for you to have a taste of your style.

Rewards for writing for us are a generous discount to consistent contributors plus we are looking for people to become friends of Footsore and you always look after your friends.

If you send an email to expressing an interest we can take it from there.

Our first article by an independent writer is live and its a cracking read by Monty Luhmann presenting his SAGA Do’s and Don'ts.

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Price Rise - 1st February 2017

Firstly as Musketeer Miniatures and now as Footsore Miniatures we have been able to keep our prices the same, however with the recent changes in the economy we are going to have to put in place a price rise our first in well over six years.

We have tried to manage this the best we can, which means infantry packs are staying at £6 as these are the bulk of what you need however cavalry will be going from £9 to £10 and command packs will be increasing from £6 to £9 as this is an area we feel has been underpriced.

The price rise will go in to effect on the 1st February 2017 please take the opportunity over the coming days to purchase your miniatures at the current price.

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