New Anglo-Saxon Warband, Picts and Historicon 2016

Today we are releasing the second in a series of Skirmish Warband deals the Anglo-Saxons and as we did with the Dark Age Irish we are giving you your warlord for free. We are also showing off the soon to be released Picts as we get ready for Historicon 2016, we hope to see you there.

Anglo-Saxon Skirmish Warband for Saga

This Anglo-Saxon Warband is designed to be suitable for a 4 point SAGA force. It provides you with a solid core of troops that can be then further customised and built upon for bigger games, and just like in the SAGA rules we give you your Warlord for free.

Anglo-Saxon 4pt Saga Warband

The warband consists of the following;

1x Warlord and banner man
2x Thegn (Hearthguard) units (4 figures each)
2x Fryd (Warrior) units (8 figures each)

 Every model is different! Banners, spears and bases not included.

Keep your eyes open for more warbands from us in the coming months as we plan to release as many as we can.

Sneak Peak: Picts

If you follow our Facebook Group you will have already had a sneak peak at our major release for this month which are the Picts and Scots.  If you are going to Historicon 2016 in a couple of weeks you could be lucky enough to get your hands on the first of these models before they are released later in July - early August 2016.

Footsore Miniatures Picts

Footsore Miniatures Pict Warlord

Historicon 2016

Footsore miniatures will once again be partnering up with Warlord Games to provide sponsorship of the greatest Historical convention in the USA if not the world!

The first 3000 people who attend the show will receive the special edition figure: Into the Valley of Death. Exclusive to this year's Historicon show!

Footsore will as always have a huge range of Dark Age figures and for the first time at a US show, our entire Late Roman, Early Saxon, Romano-British and Goth ranges. Perfect for building your Saga, Hail Caesar and WAB armies, Or just indulging in some personal painting projects.

There will also be a huge amount of Bolt Action and Antares sets for you to get you hands on as well as play demo games with the team at the booth.

Bill Thornhill, sculptor extraordinaire will be on hand to talk you through his latest evil plan to have the Picts and the Scots released for you for the FIRST TIME at the show itself, obviously while stocks last.

So come and see us at this years premier convention - we are the first booth in front of the door in the dealer room!!

Andrew, Bill & Tiegen
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