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War Banner the creators of Gangs of Rome and the chaps behind Footsore Miniatures in the UK are currently on the lookout for stockists and gaming stores to carry their Gangs of Rome range, especially now there is a fabulous starter set available and as they keep being asked by customers about local stockists for the boxed game!

With Andy Hobday, one of the chaps behind Test of Honour involved you will find the gameplay to be quick to learn, fast and exciting to play with lots of hidden depth.  

Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire where the heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes.

Blood on the Aventine Cover

This scenario box set for Gangs of Rome – Blood on the Aventine contains everything you need to play this innovative tabletop skirmish game.  This starter scenario box set for GoR contains the following:

  • Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
  • Blood on the Aventine Scenario
  • 6 x Single piece fighters
  • 6 x Named fighter cards
  • 16 x Equipment/Skill Coins and cards featuring four unique coins for this scenario
  • 1 Gaul watchman, Incola card and base
  • 1 x Personal Influence Marker card
  • 6 x Activation pebbles (3 x 2 different colours)
  • 7 Roman numeral dice
  • 2 x MDF Movement rulers
  • 6 x Jigsaw Base
  • 6 x Sets of flesh tokens
  • 2 x sets of ID markers ( 1 - 3, two colours)
  • MDF Temple under construction scenery by Sarissa Precision
  • 1 x Objective token

Packed with Gangs of Rome essentials and exclusive content, Blood on the Aventine is the perfect way to begin or expand your collection. So take your fate in your hands, Dominus, and recruit, dominate and ascend.

We have lots more planned for release during 2018 and beyond, so if you are interested in partnering with us for Gangs of Rome please contact sales@footsoreminiatures.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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