FREE Reinforcements - July 2017

For the entire month of July 2017 we are giving away a pack of miniatures with all orders over £30/$35. How does this work, I hear you cry?

Choose what you want on either the US or UK web store and when it is time for you to check out, enter the code FREEPACK17 and your cart will have the price of the pack of infantry deducted - £6 in the UK or $10 in the US.

So what is the catch? There isn’t one! The limited time deal is to add extra troops to your collection. The discount code will only work when one or more PACKS of miniatures is in your cart. It's easy: 1 PACK of miniatures in your cart = 1 FREE PACK of miniatures.

Exclusions: Warbands, buildings, terrain, accessories, etc.

The code can be used on any order in the month of July and can be used as many times as you like. Limit of 1 FREE pack per order.

Please send Questions to:

The Footsore Team

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