Footsore Miniatures at Historicon 2015


Not long now until Historicon 2015, the largest gaming convention in North America devoted to historical miniature wargaming.  Footsore Miniatures is very excited to say that we are going to be there taking part over all four days. 

Find Footsore Miniatures alongside Warlord Games at the first booth inside the vendor hall. Stop by to get our new releases making their debut at Historicon 2015!

Don Hauser - US Manufacturing/Fulfillment & Customer Advocacy and Bill Thornhill - Sculptor, as well as staff will be on hand to help you find what you are looking for and answer any questions regarding the Footsore brand.

New Releases

If you are looking for new releases at Historicon you won't be disappointed as we will be bringing these exclusives with us....

Brian Boru, High King of Ireland

He's sculpted in his old age at the battle of Clontarf in 1014 AD which was to be his last battle. Its said he was slain while praying by the Viking Brodir, who was later captured by Brians brother Ulf the Quarellsome. Brodir was then given a horrible death involving a tree and entrails. 

Ulf (Wolf) the Quarrelsome

Ulf was possibly Brian Borus brother or stepson. His mother had been killed in a Viking raid so his hatred of the Norsemen was legendary. He was so incensed at the death of Brian Boru that he hunted down his killers and had them all put to a grisly end. He was generally in a bad mood most of the time we are guessing.

The Priest

The is Father Jack, a bad tempered firebrand who believes that death is a worthy punishment to the enemies of God. He will take up arms and and the cross for any warlord or king that will fight on the side of righteousness.

Although these are being made exclusively for Historicon 2015, future purchases can be made directly through the web store after the event.  

To the Strongest!

Also at Historicon we will be exclusively stocking 'To the Strongest!' which is an excellent set of rules for Ancient and Medieval tabletop wargaming. It enables a battle to be fought with model soldiers on a dining room table and won or lost in less than two hours. But the rules also support huge battles, with several thousand figures and up to five players a side.

The rules include scenarios, terrain and points values to support those players who wish to play competitively. Numerous army lists are available online for free. These start with the Biblical era, go through to Late Medieval times, covering all periods in between.

The rules have been written in plain English, with appropriate diagrams, sample lists and many examples of play. They are copiously illustrated with pictures of battles and beautifully painted miniatures. They have proved popular with veteran and novice wargamers alike!

Find out more about these excellent rules by speaking to us at Historicon or if you're not attending check out their website.  I am sure like us you will agree they make an ideal companion to our range miniatures.

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