WIP: Saxon Thegns, The Irish King Brian Boru and Irish Slingers

We couldn't wait until next month so here we have a sneak peak of what we have been up to at Footsore Miniatures over the last few weeks. Our sculpting machine Mr Bill Thornhill's creative juices have been flowing and he is in the final stages of delivering the following...


Saxon Thegns & The Irish King Brian Boru

First up are these amazing Saxon Thegns and the Irish King Brian Boru, a great painting project in themselves however we feel they make imposing leaders for any SAGA warband or Hail Caesar army.

Irish Slingers

And what do all great leaders and nobles need but loyal men to command and these Irish Slingers will make great troops for any leader of renown!



Due for release May 2015 keep an eye on our webstore for their arrival, while you are waiting why not go and have a look at our current Dark Ages Irish and Late Saxon ranges!

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