Welcome to Footsore Miniatures

Hello everyone and welcome to the official launch of the new Footsore Miniatures website!

We know lots of you are keen to finally be able to order both the Footsore and the old Musketeer ranges once more judging by the amount of emails we've had over the past couple of months.

Footsore Miniatures will soon be in the unique position to be able to manufacture both in the US and the UK once we've organised ourselves fully. For the initial first few weeks anyone ordering from the old Musketeer lines will have their package shipped from the UK factory. This is simply while we remake the existing 250+ moulds again for our US production facility. Original Footsore ranges will be available straight away on both sides of the pond. Anyone ordering from outside the US or Europe will have their figures shipped from the UK. The next few months will be challenging for Team Footsore so please bare with us over any hiccups we might have. If there are any, please email us straight away so we can rectify them.


Irish Warlord Painted by Charles Baynon


Bill has been busy sculpting away so we have plenty of new figures in the pipeline for release over the next few months. Being a big fan of the Dark Ages, expect more Irish and Saxon packs as well as other hairy factions of the period. He's even revisited his Arab range. Also we now have the first packs in our Franco-Prussian War range available for the French. The Prussian Infantry are close behind, just as they were in 1870!! 

As well as our Historical ranges, Footsore will also be allowing Don Hauser to indulge himself in Fantasy with some fantastic new pieces sculpted by the extremely talented Mr Patrick Keith. Patrick's initial sculpts are of the Corvii, a race of Birdmen. If any of you are familiar with the Tengu from Japanese legend then you know where we are coming from. We showed these off to customers at the US show "Fall In" recently where the proved very popular. The first six figures will be released at the start of January. 


Covii by Patrick Keith


Patrick is now working on other winged beasties from the back of Don's brain, but more on them at a later date.

We would like to thank not only our new customers, but also the many returning old customers from Musketeer Miniatures that have supported us over the past months while we got ready to launch Footsore Miniatures.

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