New Christian Priests and Irish Slingers

Hot on the heals of Alfred the Great and a couple of rock hard Irish Heroes with massive axes we have slingers for the Irish ideal for use in Saga as levies and religious reinforcements in the shape of three Dark Age Christian Priests.

Christian Priests

Armies and warbands of the Dark Ages were often accompanied and sometimes even led by men of faith. Religious fervour was often a great motivating force, encouraging men to great feats of courage in the belief their god was watching and taking note of their deeds.

These men of faith provided spiritual support in different ways. Some were warriors in their own right and would lead men into battle, setting themselves up as an example to all. Others would act as advisors, interpreting the holy book so their leaders actions would be guided by god's own hand. Some Priest would simply act as an example of piety and holiness to men.

These men lived humble and selfless lives, often as hermits, only coming forward when christianity was threatened. These figures are ideal for use in games like Saga, and other Dark Age games that are character driven.

Christian Priest pack contains 3 priests, a warrior, an advisor and a hermit.

Irish Slingers

Irish armies were often supported by non-warriors and youths who, being without normal weaponry, would support their fellow tribe member by pelting the enemy battle line with rocks and whatever else would come to hand. These chaps would be next to useless in a stand up fight but are ideal for causing a steady drip of casualties before your main units charge in.

Irish slingers come in packs of 4 figures chosen from a random pick from 12 different variants.

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