Coming back to SAGA

SAGA is a game that I have not played for some time. A few years ago I picked up an Anglo-Danish warband and fought many battles against my friends Vikings. But with so many games to play, SAGA ended up taking a back seat to Warhammer Fantasy and Bolt Action. That is about to change. Next month, Gripping Beast is releasing a new supplement for SAGA - Aetius & Arthur and Footsore Miniatures has a perfect range for the new book - the Romano-British.


The combined powers of my interest in the Arthurian legend, a desire to paint historical models in bright schemes and the excellent SAGA game have created an irresistible pull to dive back into SAGA. But not just yet. With Adepticon less than two months away I am buried in Bolt Action and Warhammer 40,000 prep. Luckily SAGA has a large presence at Adepticon and I will be able to not only pick up a copy of the Aetius & Arthur supplement but I will get to chat with both players and organizers of the various SAGA events. Armed with the knowledge of tournament players I will be more than equipped to pick out the models I need to start a well-rounded warband.

That being said, no matter the recommendations of other SAGA players, my warlord be mounted on horseback and will be none other than Footsore's fantastic King Arthur. Thinking back, it was the release of this King Arthur model that first rekindled my interest in SAGA. And once I got word of the Aetius & Arthur supplement and the realization that I would be able to play an Arthurian warband, well, I am all in. Maybe my love of the Rohirrim from the Lord of the Rings movies draws me to this warband and these models. The vision of the white and green banners waving in the breeze along with green and gold shields shinning in the sunset is an evocative image and I hope to capture just a bit of the majesty.

As for painting I’d like to go for a classic green, gold and white. I tend to over exaggerate my colors when painting historical models to achieve a vibrant look on the table top. In the great debate between painting miniatures in the actual colors used versus painting miniatures to look sharp on the table, I am firmly planted in the latter. Look no further than my Bolt Action Chindits, no combat troop would were a uniform that bright in the heart of the Burmese jungle, but boy, did they stand out on the table.


Without the rules I cannot go much further on what my warband will contain. That being said I will surely feature multiple unites of Hearthguard (at least one will be mounted) and multiple units of Warriors. I feel that thematically an Arthurian warband would be centered on mounted veterans with little in the way of Levy support. But then with the rules still a month away that could all change. I am by no means a Win At All Costs player but I do not want to bring an unbalanced warband either.

Although I cannot wait to get started with this project it must wait until after Adepticon. There is simply too much left to do in preparation for the largest miniatures event in the United States.


Author: Andrew Verticchio
Andrew has been collecting and playing hobby games for over fifteen years. As the founder and editor of Andrew continues work on an ever increasing amount of projects and that pile of unpainted miniatures never seems to get any smaller. He can be reached at

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