Wargaming in Dark Age Britain? The new "Immortal" rules will add a twist

Broken Spirit Wargames of a group of veteran wargamers that produce high quality rule sets for existing miniature lines that do not currently have them. For our first publication we are thrilled to bring to life Immortal.....


Immortal is a 28mm semi skirmish game set in Dark Age Britain around 400AD, where six clear nations have risen to prominence, The Picts have started to raid south of Hadrian's wall, the Irish rise like a plague in the west and land in Cornwall, Anglesey and Strathclyde, the Saxons turn on there former paymasters and start to take hold of the east coast, the Welsh take ownership of the roman forts that once subjugated them, and the Romano-British struggle to hold what was once a great empire from all sides.


Then there are the Tribes of the Pennines, cults, barbarians, pagans, witches, remnants of the roman legions etc. These tribes have been in relative isolation and many of them hold true to the gods of old. They are feared as fiercely independent people that will never abandon there culture to any invader.


the time of the Immortal is upon the world.................


Years of slaughter have made mankind weary and desperation forces them to abandon their faith in favour of a new religion. It is said that a book has been found that enables your nation to summon the old ones, or Immortals. The Immortals show themselves as angels and demons and promise victory to all who follow them.
But the Immortals only want your soul...............


Game Mechanics

Warbands are raised from the mortals of Britain. a warband must include a hero to lead them and an Immortal. small units of humans and minions (spiritual beings brought by the Immortal) fight on a 4x4 tabletop for honour and glory in an age of darkness. Humans bring FAITH to the battlefield, this faith holds the Immortal on the table and allows them to take part in the clash of arms. Battle with your opponent to reduce the enemies faith pool, thus banishing the Immortals from the game and bringing victory to your nation.


Using the fantastic miniatures from Footsore miniatures and Westwind miniatures we have created a game with huge tactical depth where balance is the key. Immortals can be felled by a lucky bow shot from kevin the peasant boy, a Warlord can rally his entire battleline that finds its self fleeing from a horde of demons, Priests can drain the enemies faith pool to nothing in a few turns.


And the Ancient One can appear and change the whole course of the battle in an instant.




5 good Immortals
5 evil Immortals
skills and blessings for your heros
5 scenarios ranging from a Raid to a Battle Royale
Good or Evil You Decide



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